Medical Sundays at Vitaya

d813432d9971ddc91160119f976ef0af - Medical Sundays at Vitaya

Sunday is also this autumn, Medical Sunday at Vitaya. On Sunday 26 August starting at 20.30 the third season of the documentary series Ambulance in which the viewer a look behind the scenes at the ambulance service of West Midlands. At 21.30, there is the Bizarre series of sleepers, in which Dennis Weening to 12 people with extreme sleep disorder, on the foot follows. In addition, there is during Medical Sunday, every Sunday a medical documentary. This week at 22.20 the MEDI DOC: This World: Transgender Kids – Who Knows Best? on the program about transgender children. This autumn, on Friday evening, Flemish night at CAZ. On Friday 31 August at 20.40 the Flemish drama Vidange perdue on the program with Nand Buyl. Followed by Flemish comedy to 22.20 with the Comedy Live: David Galle – D on bad gifts, issues on the toilet or the difficulties of early parenthood.

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