Magnette was not a candidate for the French PS in the European elections

Paul Magnette is not in the offer of the French Parti Socialiste (PS) candidate in the European elections of may 2019. That has the mayor of Charleroi, confirmed to Le Monde. He wants to concentrate on the Belgian PS.

It was the French newspaper Le Figaro last week reported that the French PS to Paul Magnette, had proposed to the European list to pull in the elections of may 26, next year. Magnette, now explains in an interview with the French newspaper Le Monde that the supply eventually denied.

“I have to Olivier Faure (secretary of the French PS) let you know that I, for personal reasons, his proposal, that honored me, next to me neerleg: I am in October again a candidate for the mandate in Charleroi and in the 2019 European elections take place in Belgium, at the same time as the regional and federal elections, where I also have a role to play, without necessarily to the exercise of a mandate to things.”

Magnette indicates in the interview that the French PS ‘is not allowed to participate in the simplistic representation of French president Macron: whether you are European, and supports him, or you opt for the anti-european populists of the left or of the right.


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