Latest action movie with Liam Neeson appears in spring 2019

Latest action movie with Liam Neeson appears in spring 2019

“Hard Powder”, the action movie which Liam Neeson has already indicated that it might be his last, will appear early next year in the cinema. It reports the online entertainmentmagazine Deadline.

The film is a long time ago already canned – the recordings were completed in the spring of 2017, but a release date was not yet announced. Actor Liam Neeson gave in interviews already to know that he is with ‘Loud Powder’ in all probability his last actierol has played. The now 66-year-old actor would old start feel to the skin of action heroes to crawl.

In “Hard Powder” gives the Northern Irish star shape to Nels Coxman, that if the snow blower works in the U.s. state of Colorado. Coxman, in his village just named “Citizen of the Year’, sees his quiet life suddenly completely collapse when his son is vemoord by a local drugsbende. He decided to make the weapons – read: the tools of a handyman – to take against the perpetrators. As you would expect, that plan seriously out of hand.

Fans of Neeson from 8 February in the American cinemas to see it working in his last actierol. For Belgium, there is still no release date announced.

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