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Jarlinson Pantano will give forfait for the Vuelta by ‘distemper’

820b9b781e995d90098dd25e0fee5c72 - Jarlinson Pantano will give forfait for the Vuelta by ‘distemper’

Pull-Segafredo in the upcoming Tour of Spain (August 25-september 16) not rely on its Colombian climber Jarlinson Pantano. The 29-year-old Pantano is infected with toxoplasmosis, a disease caused by a microscopic, single-celled parasite. The Colombian is already the second Trekrenner with the virus in one year. The Italian rider Fabio Felline had previously also been with the ‘cat disease’.

Pantano is in his second season with Trek busy and won last spring is still a stage in the Tour of Catalonia. Two weeks ago in the Tour of Poland, things went wrong. He had ill specify, and then blood tests done. “Pointing in the direction of toxoplasmosis,” says ploegdokter Gaetano Daniele. “It is impossible to say how long Jarlinson outside of battle, but he lacks surely the Vuelta. He should as much as possible rest and his body the chance to recover from the infection.”

The Colombian itself is going mentally through a difficult period. “To be honest, I have a heavy currently”, he noted. “I’m very disappointed, but on the other hand also relieved. We now know what the problem is and why I have a difficult time reed. Now I’m going to focus on my recovery and then to try again as soon as possible results to drive.”

In september last year, was also Pantano’s ploegmakker Fabio Felline diagnosed with toxoplasmosis. He resumed beginning in 2018, but had in april yet again in a short break. Since June he competes again at full strength.

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