Italian government wants to license road withdraw

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The Italian government has formally the procedure restarted in order to revoke the license of the company that the management has about the bridge in Genoa on Tuesday collapsed.

The highways, Autostrade per l’italia, is responsible for ” the tragedy of the collapse of the bridge’, writes the Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte on the social networking websites Facebook. No offer to the bridge herop to build may be the responsibility of the road elimination, or the ‘immense’ pain that was caused, sounds the yet.

The government also promises that they the department of monitoring and inspection of the ministry of Infrastructure will strengthen, and that they are private providers will force more to invest in the maintenance of the roads.

According to Autostrade per l’Italia, part of Atlantia, was getting to all of the obligations of the license are met and it is too early to say anything about the cause of the collapse. People were definitely 38 dead.

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