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Ho99o9: The most punky artists are rappers

b219508cfbd69b5df3d0af28e4d648e6 - Ho99o9: The most punky artists are rappers

What do you mean, punk is dead? TheOGM – in a white wedding dress and Eaddy – in what appeared to be a bullet-proof vest – were at the Castello come to that break down. And to say that this weekend has twelve groups must play.

‘Street power’ sneered to the police and all those who wanted to hear. And have no idea what they all shouted in ‘P. O. W.’, but we are pretty sure that there is somewhere an ‘I don’t give a fuck‘ was. Eaddy roared through a bullhorn, TheOGM was just lying on the ground, in the moshpit hit someone a couple of teeth to lose, and then it was a dash of Frank Sinatra played. Just to say: Ho99o9 did it ‘their way’.

Drums beaten up

A year ago we saw Death Grips the them to occur, albeit with an even harder toeslaande show. It is significant that the most punky artists are Coming rappers are where the guitars only on tape. With the side effect that the drummer and the guitarist survives: Brandon Pertzborns sheets were harder to cut than the cheek in the moshpit.

And that there were quite a few: that of Eaddy itself, that ‘New Jersey Devil’ from the pit brought. But also that of Whispering Sons-frontwoman Fenne Kuppens, that the title of hardest artist of Pukkelpop 2018 threatening by themselves, without concern for life and limb, the thumping in to stallions. Who with pent-up frustration at the Castello afzakte, left behind under the floor boards. That they that the next day, but not breaking.

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