Government and Benetton opening to collapsed bridge Genoa

ba52941e8e368778e9d70c6b8d93f7ce - Government and Benetton opening to collapsed bridge Genoa

ROME – The Italian government on the occasion of the collapsed Morandibrug in Genoa furious, the Italian clothing manufacturer Luciano Benetton. This is the operator of the A10 to Genoa and the Morandibrug after the motorways in Italy in 1999 were privatized.

“We will start the procedure for the withdrawal of the concession”, declared the Italian premier Giuseppe Conte. There are some politicians out loud thought of the Italian motorway re-opening.

Benetton is using the Luxembourg holding company Sintonia de main shareholder of Atlantia, the company that approximately half of the highways in Italy manages, including the A10 to Genoa and the Morandibrug. Benetton will get through to toll on the highways flows of money. Through toll on motorways (also outside Italy), Atlantia last year, a total of more than 4 billion euros cashed in. Benetton is resent that any money not used for maintenance of the highways, what unsafe situations, such as the collapsed bridge.

After the announcement of Conte that he is the concession to Atlantia wants to withdraw plummeted the shares of the road on the stock exchange, though it is not yet clear whether the government actually has the concession would revoke for all Italian motorways which Benetton operates.

Benetton let the Italian government know that if the concession is withdrawn, she is entitled to a substantial compensation that compensate the loss. The contract runs until 2038. The minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini reacted furiously and find that Benetton’s better to be humble apology to offer.

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