Ghost Rockers stop in 2019

Ghost Rockers stop in 2019

On 15 and 16 september 2018 times the Ghost Rockers back to Antwerp for a number of concerts where they have their greatest hits will bring! The be immediately the last zaalshows of the group. “Ghost Rockers in Concert” is going to be in the tough location of The Shop in Antwerp and will consist of only plots. So be there, but sure that there will be good dancing, geswingd and gerockt!

During the summer of 2019 will be the Ghost Rockers say goodbye to their audience with performances on the Flemish festivals. In the spring of 2019 there is also a new single.
Since the start of Ghost Rockers in 2014 it went fast: in no time this group was the darling of the young crowd. After four TV series, numerous gold records, numerous awards, a movie and countless performances later, for Tinne Oltmans, Juan Gerlo, Elindo Avastia, Wout Verstappen and Marie Verhulst becoming the final stage in sight.

“We are very pleased with all the opportunities that we of Studio 100 and Ketnet. Ghost Rockers was and is a fantastic period in our lives where we have a lot of fun and satisfaction to be able to look back. During our last zaalshows in the Shop we take our fans on a trip throughout our great Ghost Rockers adventure!”

Ghost Rockers in Concert
15 & 16 september 2018 in The Shop in Antwerp.

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