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F1-goodbye to Fernando Alonso is not final?

3ff214ec5b716ffbd035eb61e724c21b - F1-goodbye to Fernando Alonso is not final?

Only Tuesday announced Fernando Alonso that he is in 2019 no F1 would drive, but the rumor mill is running at full speed when the Spaniard on his comeback.

Admittedly, Flavio Briatore is both good and bad sense tried and tested in the Formula 1 world, but the Italian has also for many years worked closely with Alonso. He let us know that Alonso is still not quenched, is, according to him. He will see Alonso return to the Formula 1.

“To have a final farewell talk, it is still too early,” said Briatore. “In Formula 1 things can change very rapidly, never say never.”

“I want Fernando ever been in a Ferrari or Mercedes to work. He rides every race, at its highest level. He is at least as strong as Hamilton, and he runs at a very constant level.”

The Italian has understanding for the decision of Alonso. McLaren failed to give him a car that is capable for victory to do or to be for the title fight.

“It makes no sense for the seventh or eighth place, to continue to fight, that way to lose a rider and his motivation. McLaren should just ensure that they have their car in order. The riders will not have and the swap of Honda Renault has also not producing the desired result. The fantastic fourth place, Pierre Gasly in Bahrain with a Honda engine has shown that the McLaren-no more excuses.”

But it has emerged that Alonso was not able to get a seat at the top teams in the Formula 1, to decorate and Briatore will find that a pity. He also serves Christian Horner of response which had stated that Alonso is the habit for chaos to ensure, within a team.

“I find it odd that in the current Formula 1 is no longer a place for a talented driver like Alonso,” said Briatore. “Christian is my friend but he has no right to speak. If there is a team that its riders are not under the control of then is the Red Bull, that is also the reason why Ricciardo the team leaves.”

“Fernando has for me, and the glorious Renault team driven. He was an exemplary teammate and a benchmark for the engineers.”

The rumors want Alonso next year in the IndyCar start will go but Briatore has no idea of what the Spaniard actually going to do.

“In the first place, it must he the F1-season and the WEC to finish, I have all the understanding that he was free for a while wants,” concluded Briatore.

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