Emergency landing aircraft in Chile after bomb alert

5f708fdc1627234685c9212661d9e6c8 - Emergency landing aircraft in Chile after bomb alert

SANTIAGO – Four aircraft have in Chile and Peru, an emergency landing made after bommeldingen. That has the Chilean air traffic control announced.

The two planes of LATAM Airlines and two of the Chilean budgetvlieger Sky. The four aircraft and the passengers at the airports of Chile and Peru checked. Sky later said that a third aircraft because the bomb was not ascended.

According to the Directorate General of civil Aviation of Chile (DGAC), there are no traces of a bomb found and could another plane later flight to resume.

The ministry of transport of Peru, where a unit of LATAM in the city of Pisco made an emergency landing, reported that no one was injured and that a explosievendienst the unit investigates. “At this moment the situation is under control”, in a statement.

LATAM said in a statement to know that all the affected passengers with other flights. “The authorities currently have no evidence that passengers are in danger.”

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