Dutch minister calls Belgium ‘unlivable land’

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The Dutch Foreign minister Stef Blok has Belgium in a private talk, ” an unlivable country.” Block allows The Standard to know the pronunciation to regret his words to take back.

Block made the statements last month during a private lecture in The Hague for Dutch people who are employed by international organisations. During that talk, the Dutch foreign minister on the multicultural society, migration, xenophobia and the rise of populist parties like the Freedom Party (PVV) of Geert Wilders.

“The largest party of Switzerland has long been a kind of PVV, only he’s called otherwise,” said Block during the meeting. “Those are the parties which I, the concept of not part, but it is not that Switzerland (by the rise of populism) an unlivable country has become. Or Belgium, or at least not more unlivable than it already was.’

Block shows, through a spokesman, understood that decision to regret. “I have words used that are unhappy and careless. I’m sorry, and I take those words back’, it sounds. “I find that I have those statements should not have done, certainly not in my role as minister of Foreign Affairs.’

Already for weeks under fire

The Dutch minister is already for weeks under fire for a series of controversial statements that he made during a lecture in July. Already had that meeting and decided, Block was filmed. Those pictures came a week later in the hands of the Dutch media.

It was told that Block, among others, had said that he was “not only multicultural country in the world where people live in peace with each other life’, he put the former Dutch colony of Suriname road as a failed state, went to the ethnic division’, and he said that” colored people in Eastern Europe did not have life’. He stated further that the ” probably is genetically determined, that people can not cope with strangers’.

Political rescue attempt

In an attempt of political lives to save, sent Block Thursday written apologies to the Second Chamber, the parliament of the Netherlands. He also made a literal transcription of his reading public. From that transcript it appears now however that he is much more controversial statements made, including his note about Belgium.

Block says to The Standard that he has in the meantime, contact was sought with the countries that are hurt to be able to feel by his statements. The Belgian government was on the contact, but that is also not necessary. A spokesman Didier Reynders (MR), minister of Foreign Affairs, to let you know that for them the sleeve off with the apologies of the Dutch minister.

The Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte said Friday morning that he has no reasons to Block the lane. According to Rutte has Block his judgments reversed, and he can therefore ” prima doorfunctioneren’.

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