Drunk ’Tinkerbell’ from aircraft thrown

9bb0a03099a48f8a4a4957c58b8bf729 - Drunk ’Tinkerbell’ from aircraft thrown

LONDON – A drunken man dressed in a green Tinkerbell-package is a Friday morning at 9.30 am from an airplane at London Stansted airport. Also his friend, dressed in a Bob the Builder suit, was allowed to leave the plane.

The company would be with Ryanair to the Polish Krakow fly for a vrijgezellenweekend. ’Tinkerbell’ get according to British media, namely, soon tied the knot. In a best mood the man was, however, after a number of drinks as well as breakfast; he cried, how everyone would toetakelen with a knife.

The drunk Disney figure, together with its witness from the plane taken by the police. While the man in conversation, with an agent knew air travellers to take a photo of the outfit. A spokesman for Ryanair says to insist that the alcoholverkoop at airports restricted.

The men were later in the day, still in the direction of Poland fly. It is unknown if the man in the meantime has changed.

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