Dream Home delayed: no tanks in Washington this year

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The American president Donald Trump will have to wait for the military parade in Washington, where he has his sights on.

The ministry of Defence said Thursday that the White House is agreed that the parade is longer this year may take place, as was planned.

Trump is asking himself for months wondering why the United States has no great military parades which the power of the U.s. army is emphasized. Trump wanted Washington before the end of the year, such a parade would get. On 18 January 2018 had the president in a meeting in the Pentagon, where he had a few topgeneraals gave the order to the possibilities for such a military show to investigate..

“We had first driven on the 10 of november for this event. But we are now agree to talk about the possibilities in 2019, ” said a spokesman from the Pentagon. The parade must be war veterans to honor. And 10 november is near for ‘Veterans day’ on 11 november, a day that in the U.S., as a holiday in honor of veterans.

Trump got the idea when he past summer was a guest in Paris at the military parade in honor of Le quatorze juillet. He was omvergeblazen by the patriotic mass with tanks, artillery, thousands of troops and fighter jets over Paris. After the parade, said Trump, and that he is also such a parade wants to – but bigger’.

But his enthusiasm found little resonance. Also, there are practical objections. So are the streets in Washington are not suitable for tracked vehicles.

There is also criticism on the costs of such a parade. The White House estimates they are at ten to thirty million dollars, but recently popped an estimation of 92 million dollars.

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