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“Development of high pressure” – Volkswagen confirmed Blockchain-commitment

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The Wolfsburg-based car maker, Volkswagen reaffirms its commitment in the cryptographic area, and is committed to the Blockchain. It is currently working with high pressure to make the technology, for customer experience, said in a recent Blog Post by the group. Currently, the group is put in the development of three concrete applications of Distributed Ledger technologies.

The potential of the Blockchain are far above the possibilities of crypto-currencies. Now you want to bring these benefits and “the Blockchain on the road”. This is the message that the German automobile giant Volkswagen (VW) recently announced on its Website.

In June, the Wolfsburg had already presented at CEBIT the first steps in the cryptographic area and a pilot project with the Berlin-based company IOTA presented. This was to make the Transfer of car-Software on a secure footing.

Now VW reaffirms its commitment in the Blockchain. On the Website of the group, it means that you are currently working with high pressure to make the technologies “customer experience”.

Accordingly, we think of car maintenance, logistics and specialist solutions to the problem, more and more use of the potential of the Blockchain. Department across more than 300 employees with a new application will be opportunities.

Especially when the topic of Autonomous Driving to keep the Blockchain continues to for “chance rich”, says Nicolai Bartkowiak from the IT Department of the group.

“[The Blockchain] can protect the car better than other technologies against hackers, or to help that it can independently pay when Refuelling or washing installation”,

the developer explains. Here, the burgers get to the wolf so far the most progress. For this reason, VW was founded in June, together with Bosch, Nvidia and other partners in the Tech sector, the Alliance for Autonomous vehicles. Your goal is to determine in the future, the business with the self-driving cars.

VW: Want to bring “the Blockchain on the road”

The wolf Burger is in a position to expand the Initiative in the crypto sector. In particular, for new areas of business, the Blockchain technology will offer “enormous Potential”. Therefore, the Volkswagen AG test together with its subsidiaries, potential technology applications, in three specific cases.

Thus, developing an automated odometer, the mileage aggravating on a Blockchain secure and manipulations. Such a Blockchain-speedometer could make, especially the used car market more transparent.

Furthermore, the group division of Porsche work, such as BTC-ECHO reported in February, meanwhile, a block chain-based virtual encryption system for vehicles. This is to protect not only from hackers, but also independent of the traditional key.

Finally, the group’s subsidiary Volkswagen Financial Services in the UK test a Blockchain solution for charging stations. So gas stations could make it easier for electric car owners to the business.

In addition, the wolf Burger, more cooperation and to make use of different platforms, regardless of what house the technology come from, closes the Blog Post.

IOTA and the German economy

In addition to the partnership with VW, the Berlin-based Start-up IOTA with a view on the past year, to get a huge foot in the goals of German corporations. Therefore, wants to sit beside electrical manufacturer Bosch VW subsidiary Audi on the technology of Berlin and possible fields of application are testing.

By IOTAs to be optimistic. By the end of 2018 we hope to be able to the first strategies for the market introduction of the Tangle-systems present.

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