Day two of start to “smooth edition” of Pukkelpop

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The festivals Pukkelpop, is today at 11 a.m. re-opened. Including Papa Roach, N. E. R. D, Goose and Oscar and the Wolf are on the program of the second official day of the festival. The campers were given last night to do with rainfall, but all in all it remained a nuisance be limited. The organization speaks of a “smooth edition” with successful performances of the headliners.

After the ‘pre-party’ on Wednesday went to the Pukkelpop festival yesterday official launch with performances by, among others, Dua Lipa, The War On Drugs and Arcade Fire. “I think we should speak of a smooth edition to here: good weather and beautiful appearances”, says Frederik Luyten, spokesman of Pukkelpop. “Our headliners are really very well done. Dua Lipa, Arcade fire and The War On Drugs are very well received.”

Also the new Beer Shack may on approval of the festival-goers count. “With the Beer Shack, there is a clear signal that rock is still present is Coming and that is very hard to appreciated by an older audience,” explains Luyten. “We have a very good balance, and it is intended to build upon.”

Last night there fell as rain during a storm, but that is according to the organization, very limited. “There is no disturbance, not even. In comparison with other parts of the country we have relatively had little rain,” says Luyten.

Today, alongside Papa Roach, N. E. R. D, Goose and Oscar and the Wolf Charlotte’s White again on the stage. They played yesterday in the Boiler Room, but playing today on the Main Stage, a custom set to replace Travis Scott. Today, expect the organization a little less people than yesterday, and tomorrow when Coming to the maximum capacity of 66,000 visitors adhering to it.

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