Court in case Manafort gets threats

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ALEXANDRIA – The judge in the trial of Paul Manafort, a former campaign chairman of the Us president, Donald Trump, has threats. He is so concerned about the safety of the members of the jury and himself that he added security has enabled Us Marshalls.

Rechtbanktekening: judge T. S. Ellis.

Judge T. S. Ellis, said that in the court of law in the American place Alexandria, where the jury members for the second day consulted a judgment for Manafort. He told me that he threats had been given, but not from which corner came and where that was all about.

According to the court, there is a lot of pressure on him exerted to the names of the jury members to make it public. He has not done so because he is concerned about their safety.

Manafort is accused of bank and tax fraud in the first process as a result of the research of the American special prosecutor, Robert Mueller. Who is doing research on Russian interference in the American elections of 2016.

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