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“Come on, one each breast!’

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Everything is stock, including the rest

That maybe we would get something to write on the Milk ’n Boobs-bar – aka the afkolfstand -, we said a Pukkelpop employee, but us wondered where exactly it was hidden. Nele (38): ’Um, here’s a afkolfstand? I have been since Sunday at work and sit every day on the toilet to flasks and my unit out, to wash, to such a valve. Useful is different.”

At the first aid booth at the main entrance, you have to be so. The Milk ’n Boobs-bar, there is a branch of. A visually invisible primary position, but one with the comfort of three kolfapparaten …

At the first aid booth at the main entrance, you have to be so. The Milk ’n Boobs-bar, there is a branch of. A visually invisible primary position, but one with the comfort of three kolfapparaten, chairs and all the necessary accessories. One something you should get the position, however, of far be able to recognize: the queue of women in their thirties. And the talk of the town in that row is without a doubt how amazing they this initiative. “I’ve been here once afgekolft today’, says Toke (32), who five months ago gave birth to a son. ‘I read about it on Facebook and think this is just top, it makes Coming to me a lot more comfortable. Everything is here in stock, and with the borstcompressen. No idea how I would otherwise do.’


‘With your own stuff will look for a place in the first-aid post, and as I’ve already done, ” responds Sarah (32), which in the meantime three months of breastfeeding. ‘But you should the milk be thrown away, they’re not cool.’

Mom’s with a baby at home you should not learn to plan, ‘but to express at a festival is always a compromise’, going to Toke further. “I give Grizzly Bear while I’m here, but The War On Drugs, I want to really make it.” They slide on with a margin of twenty minutes. “That is just, this afternoon, there was significantly less people.” Than but still more compromises to accept. “Come, we’ll share a flask’, she says to the friend who, with her line up. ‘Each one chest!’ And it came to pass.


One of the most frequently asked questions during Pukkelpop last year was apparently: where can I undisturbed to express? A year later, the answer is there, as a collaboration between Pukkelpop and the university of UCLL. And the initiative has its start not missed: 51 women came here on day one, the press of their boiler. Good for 77 kolfbeurten. “A very nice turnout,” says Cindy Mattens, teacher education at the university UCLL. The are the teachers that the Milk ’n Boobs-bar running, along with students. “We targeted 20 visitors per day, so this is already more than succeeded.”

Their design of the university: breastfeeding, normalize it and show that mothers are not at home need to remain for the sake of breastfeeding. ‘And of course, mothers also encourage to last longer than three months to breastfeed and then this initiative is needed that viable. Two women who, today, wouldn, told me that they have their tickets bought after they about this initiative read. That we really make sure that they go to Pukkelpop, I think that’s great.’

Half of the mom’s let their milk also effectively retain. The bottles are there, free of charge, labeled, chilled and later in a koeltasje passed. Mattens scares themselves that so many women take the trouble to have their milk later in the day to pick up. They dream all aloud of the next edition, because the state is anyway back. The university has entered into a collaboration for three years, and so are the werkpuntjes listed. “More kolftoestellen next year is a must. And more space and visibility might also.’ A few mom’s showed that a drink would not look out of place during the expression. That was then immediately introduced: ‘From now on, so also was a kolfbeurt!’

About baby’s and bands

A coffee and koekske had otherwise also not look out of place. As if they were at the hairdresser sitting, with the breast exposed, it’s true, but so chat is the. Tetteren this is called, in all respects. One second it is about babies, the next bands. Neles afkolfshift. ‘Really keigezellig. I’ll be back tomorrow. A lot more convenient than in the toilet to mess around. And they’re going to my milk three days here to track. On the night of Saturday to go and pick up before I go home to departure and ready.” To two hours during the night can, then close this dairy its doors. In the meantime, put The War On Drugs, Toke storm to the outside. Relieved. It is to say, one breast still.

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