Cara Delevingne is already kissing spotted with “Pretty Little Liars”actress

d2c4ea1dadf1880b78ffcdcd9f8f00a7 - Cara Delevingne is already kissing spotted with "Pretty Little Liars"actress

IT-girl and model Cara Delevingne seems to be no longer single. She was recently kissing caught at Heathrow airport with “Pretty Little Liars”actress Ashley Benson. They were also already several times hand-in-hand seen.

The new glamourkoppel would learn to know each other on the set of “Her Smell”, which next month is proposed in Toronto. Since then the two inseparable, even though they have their relationship has not yet been officially confirmed. However, they appear regularly on each other’s social media.

It is the first time Delevigne back romantically linked to anyone after her breakup with the musician Annie Clark. In an interview, said the top model that she is with Clark for the first time, real love is experienced. Not long afterwards the two from each other.

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