“Biographical film about Aretha Franklin is not faster released”

a61d3eed2392d5bbe83b6ae2ace3c9fe - "Biographical film about Aretha Franklin is not faster released"

The death of singer Aretha Franklin is tragic, but the film about her life and career will not be accelerated and it will be released. That has music and movie producer Harvey Mason Jr. declared to showbizzwebsite TMZ, the day after the death of a souldiva.

Franklin was closely involved in the pre-production stage of the biographical film, and it was on for hours with producer Harvey Mason Jr. Last week spoke to the souldiva still with Mason, so her death came as a surprise. “She was very optimistic about the project. We have hours spent with each other and talk about various topics. Her death is a blow for us, but we are determined to honour her with this biopic,” says the producer.

The film revolves around the early days of Aretha Franklin’s career. It is not yet known when the film premiered. The production will in no case be accelerated now that the souldiva has died, confirms producer Mason. Earlier became known that Jennifer Hudson play the role of Aretha Franklin would be playing.

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