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BeraadGeslagen: Captain Zeppos on LSD

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You don’t have to be big to think big: BeraadGeslagen, the experimental marriage between Fulco Ottervanger and Lander Gyselinck, had his podium in the middle of the Castello is placed in a 360° experience – eat this, U2! Only turned their attitude, not around, and so early Ottervanger to the audience to make themselves circling. Clockwise, for the sake of clarity.

Well improvised, and a tikkel completely insane, just like the universe in which the drummer of Stuff, and the pianist of The Bears Vultures boldly go where no one has gone before. A childish playground around which they are far from a fence to build, where jazzy fumbling aanschurkt against futuristic electronics, from the hook hanging breakbeats, farcical kitsch and cosmic seventiesfunk. A little hipster has a fat nut to crack.

Swampy bass, and swishing fwieps

The group has an ep, and in October following the album Duizeldorp, which included ‘Midnight man’ and ‘Deinze’ comes got, but this band, you should live to see. To immerse yourself in his twisted laboratory, which Ottervanger as a mad professor, swampy bass, and swishing fwieps out of his three keyboards, transforms, and Gyselinck like a shaman around his drumheads dances. The first turned continuously on buttons, the latter stroking his drums, handed over a rake tap out or played at the same time, a klaviertje with one drumstok in the mouth.

Herbie Hancock with a Decap-organ on a visit to the BBC Radiophonic workshop, Flying Lotus the music of Captain Zeppos a turn, ‘Love Boat theme’, with more LSD in the clothes than Ken Kesey and Hunter S. Thompson together: the associations in our notebook shots in all directions. The music bounced, crackled and funkte than that it is a nature.

A pop song without vocals

Or we requests, had asked Ottevanger with an ironic grin. ‘Africa!’ cried a man, who was wearing, after which the pianist rightly asked whether we were awake.

Sometimes you seemed really to like a pop song to listen which the song was cut off. In ‘Suikerbeat’ threw Ottervanger, there are actually a few words in between: ‘Losing my control and forget the whole.’ Teetering between surrender and control, as is Beraadgeslagen, and music in its entirety, at its best.

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