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Belgian talent finally opts for the Brazilian national team: “A dream becomes reality”

a8860b21f6dcb4ee1ebaca974f2f867b - Belgian talent finally opts for the Brazilian national team: “A dream becomes reality”

The Brazilian coach Tite has Friday his selection announced for a late summer tour of the Seleçao in the United States. Tite had in his heart for the first time a place for Andreas Pereira, the Brazilian-Belgian Manchester United.

The 22-year-old Pereira was in the Duffel was born and played in his youth, settled for the Belgian youth teams. In 2014 he had to know would prefer to play for Brazil, the country of his father, Marcos Pereira, ex-professional footballer at STVV, KV Mechelen and Antwerp. Pereira played then in 2015 along with the young Seleçao at the world cup U20 in New Zealand and took out the final that was lost by Serbia (2-1 nv).

“An honor that I cannot measure, a joy that my heart does explode, a dream which today is realized! Thank you, my God. Brazilian with pride and with love!”, let Pereira there is no doubt about it on Instagram (see below).

Clubs play Andreas Pereira since 2011 for Manchester United. He was there in August 2014 his debut in the first team, but came so far – that includes uitleenbeurten to Granada (2016-2017) and Valencia (2017-2018) – only for up to fourteen official duels in the main body of the Mancunians. In preparation for this season, he could coach José Mourinho to convince. He got a lot of games in the preparation, was not loaned out, and stood in the openingsmatch of the season, last week against Leicester, immediately 90 minutes between the lines.

The Seleçao exercises in september against the United States (september 8) and El Salvador (september 11). As long as Pereira, however, not in action in official matches (not friendly matches) of the Seleçao, he would still be allowed to change national team.

Uma honra que não consigo medir, uma alegria que explode o coração, um sonho que se achieve hoje! Obrigado, meu Deus! Brasileiro com orgulho e com amor!

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