Belgian artist of Palestinian origin held in Israel

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A Belgian artist of Palestinian descent on 19 July by the Israeli authorities arrested when he went to the Palestinian occupied territories wanted to travel. “My client is at a border post arrested for membership of a terrorist organisation, which he strongly denies,” says his lawyer.

Mustapha Awad, born in a refugee camp in Lebanon, was at age 20 as a refugee recognised in Belgium, before the Belgian nationality acquired. Today, he works as a 36-year-old in the cultural sector, and he performs with the group Raj’, which he co-founded and traditional Palestinian dance.

“It was the first time that he has been to Palestine traveled to the country of his parents to visit. He has never lived, ” said his lawyer. Awad is committed, according to her, for the Palestinian cause.

Since his arrest last month, Awad several times to be interrogated, in the presence of an Israeli lawyer. His lawyer in Belgium was no access to the file. A dozen relatives of Awad, who is in Belgium in a collective, united, fear that he is the victim of torture.

Military training

According to the Israeli press, that the security service Shin Bet tightens, Mustapha Awad is suspected of membership of the PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine), the popular front for the Liberation of Palestine that if a terrorist organisation is considered by Israel. Awad would be in 2010, when the group have connected and from Europe have had contact with members in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and the Gaza strip. The intelligence service suspects that he is in Lebanon with a military training from Hezbollah.

The federal public service Foreign Affairs in Belgium, confirmed the arrest of the thirties and said that the service in the case of ‘tasty’, without further details.

Mustapha Awad appears normally on 3 september, an Israeli court.

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