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Bear market: Why the user needs right now, more and more Bitcoin than Bitcoin speculators

5679b3053d5af10ba41ea049473a7e78 - Bear market: Why the user needs right now, more and more Bitcoin than Bitcoin speculators

The current bear market has dominated the public discourse. There is a debate about how long the summer slump may last, when the Bitcoin ETFs of the U.S. securities to be approved and what crypto exchanges have been hacked. The Grand Narratives such as “Be your own Bank”, “Banking the Unbanked” or “Peer-to-Peer Payments” in the Background, in the back room of some Nerds!

Just in the bear market, it is important that the views of crypto portfolio to move and to look, what the crypto-Economy is actually good, what are their fundamental strength. For those reasons, primarily from Investment in the crypto sector are on the go, it is worth this view. In front of a loud market the core competencies of the Economy are to be swept and bustle under the carpet. An error, because investors should be familiar with the Narrative of Bitcoin & co., carry a decisive contribution to the recoverability and value of that promise.

Instead of asking yourself if you should prefer to invest in Bitcoin Futures, derivatives or Bitcoin directly, you should consider what is the meaning of the current Situation from a fundamental point of view for the crypto market. What is happening in terms of the Second-Layer solutions, such as Lightning, how is the hashing power for Bitcoin, or what causes the adaptation of the acceptance? All of these questions are compulsory for the exit from the bear market and the entry into a long-term, fundamentally justified increase in the value of the crypto-currencies. Only if the Blockchain-is convinced technology, an awareness in the population is created and the regulatory framework to allow a functioning market, to make thoughts via ETFs, Futures or other financial products in the long term sense.

Where value is really created

Investors, respectively, traders provide liquidity to the further development of the crypto Economy, they are involved. Innovation and adaptation occurs only to a very limited extent on the crypto exchanges. Substance, in the sense of a real value or fundamental value, can not be created in the financial markets, but only and traded are shown. Substance is created outside of the financial markets. Thus, the rates may rise, we need people who use currencies, Crypto, Use Cases creation and technological hurdles to be eliminated.

Instead of his Bank to call and ask for Bitcoin financial products, it may also be worth time in his favorite restaurant or Café to ask if Bitcoin is accepted. In most cases, the answer will be “no”. It was worth it nevertheless, since a demand has been signalled. The more people create a demand, the more traders will come up with the idea of accepting crypto-currencies. On this micro level, everyone can play their part to create the next Rally in the crypto market. Especially in the bear market, where transaction costs are low and the transaction times are fast, is the Argument of the Peer-to-Peer technology, so obvious as not in a long time.

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