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Arcade Fire: armwuiven on the Apocalypse

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Dare someone deeper in the wound of the spirit of the times can than Arcade Fire? Perhaps, but nobody does it as clever as this bunch of Canadians.

Their closing set on the Main Stage Thursday in the character of their latest album Everything now, a middle finger to the unbounded hedonism, is that our more and more ruthless over the precipice in the direction of Apocalypse pushes. Jup, people, it is five on the twelve.

The pleasant is that the Arcade Fire are message disguised as a party. So was Everything Nowlogo on it as Las Vegas-billboard-wrapped screen above the stage, and instantly the flames stung – not literally, of course – as in all languages, the words ‘everything now’ ecstatic by the speakers popping.

The eponymous song, with his ‘Blurred lines’ gepikte bass line, upbeat ABBA-motives and… pan flute, did the crowd loudly lalalala’s coo. “We turn the speakers up till they break, sang frontman Win Butler, ‘Cause every time you smile it’s a fake!’ And everyone danced on the edge of destruction. Hoezee!

The song rolled out in a euphoric percussiefestijn, inspired by the violin and the baritone saxophone, which went up in ‘Neighbourhood #3 (power out) ” from his debut album , Funeral. By his numbers so gluing them together, bared Butler thematic and musical ties that the unsuspecting listener was aware of that. Calculated, but it worked.


‘Rebellion (lies)’ rakelde the fake ecstasy a little further on, to explain brokkelde in ‘Rococo’, a song about the cattle, called youth. ‘Here we are now, entertain us’, quoted Butler, the line that Kurt Cobain ever generation to see continued.

That Arcade Fire to the regret of many a lot more of a pop than a rock band has become, underlined the group with ‘Put your money on me’ and ‘Electric blue’. Régine Chassagne sang so high that only dogs she still could hear him, while the bubbling electronics of Kraftwerk seemed to come out.

‘Wasted hours’ and ‘The suburbs’ caused a reflection on the vervlieden of the time, but bounce back ‘Ready to start’ that the stillness again, to pieces. A punksong more lust for life contained than Iggy Pops classic.

Criticism on hollow selfiemaatschappij

But we had come to party, and there made the kitschdisco of ‘Sprawl II (mountains beyond mountains)’ and ‘Reflector’ for, Butlers criticism of our hollow selfiemaatschappij lifted in an outfit of Giorgio Moroder. Chassagne pulled her glitterpakje and ran all the way to the geluidstoren to go there horsing around with a fully.

‘Afterlife’ seemed then a strange choice, to Butler, there is a piece of ‘I say a little prayer’ by Aretha Franklin in smuggled. Just before he had The Queen of Soul already honorable gesalueerd: “She was the greatest. The rest is but a shadow.’

The death value is also between the New Order and Talking Heads swooning ‘Creature comfort’, a heart under the belt for young people who are going under to the pressure of the society. Again, everyone is frantic, nanananana’s to sing and to armwuiven.

The enthusiasts were given a kampvuurversie of ‘Everything now’ be stopped, then ‘Wake up’ around the circle: ‘Children, wake up hold your mistake up!’ sounded like a religious mass who bet on hope.

No, their show not giving any just penalty uppercut like that in the Sting earlier this year. But what band puts the large mass of so smart the fire to the shins?

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