Also, girls found in gruweldrama

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Frederick – America is shocked by the gruesome discovery of the missing Shannan Watts and her two lovely daughters.

Bella and Celeste

And the shock was even greater when it turned out that the husband and father of Bella, and Celeste, which had previously been on tv tears cried due to the loss, the culprit turned out to be.

A few hours after his dramatic call on Denver7, well-known Chris with the police that he they all three had perished.

Shortly afterwards was the corpse of Shannan found on the site of an oil company where Chris worked. The police found the girls in the oil and gas tanks on the field, so Friday became known.

Chris killed his wife Shannan and their two daughters and gave them as missing.

Shanann (34) was also fifteen weeks pregnant with a little boy that Niko was to be called. The threesome is probably in the family home murdered.

The American told the police that he last Monday for the last time had seen at 5.15 am in the morning. He he went back to his work. Three hours earlier she would be with the aircraft having come home from a business trip. The couple had had a fight that night.

There was no comment received on his text messages, beat Chris alarm. A friend drove by the family home and saw that her car was at the door. Tv transmitter Denver7 said the grief-stricken American. “It’s like I’m in a nightmare where I can’t from awakening.”

On Fox News, he had a slightly different version. Shannan would to a friend with the children. “In my heart, I hope that they are somewhere safe.” On the question of whether they might be kidnapped, says Chris: “As one of them kidnapped, I want them back now.” Also at NBC, he appeared in front of the camera: “Shanann, Bella, Celeste. If you somewhere to sit and hear me, just come back. If they hold, I ask that person to leave. I want everyone back. This house is not complete without them.”

Shortly after the confession and the discovery of the corpses reacts the brother of Shannan emotional on Facebook. “That bastard must of my part rot in hell,” said Frankie Rzucek.

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