Already 44 dead by new ebola epidemic in Eastern Congo

56caf126817250bb036ccae7f48096b0 - Already 44 dead by new ebola epidemic in Eastern Congo

The new, beginning this month, break out the ebola epidemic in the Congo has been 44 lives claimed. In total, there are already 78 cases, of which 51 are confirmed of the virus is determined. Notify the local authorities and the world health organization WHO.

Yet, according to the WHO, there is a chance that certainly 1,500 people were exposed to the virus. Additional difficulty is the insecurity that the workers particularly difficult in some regions to achieve.

In addition to the 51 confirmed cases, there are also 27 people ‘probably’ with ebola infected. With that last category are the deaths referred to that have an epidemiological connection with a confirmed case, but who have not been tested. There are also a further 24 cases that are ‘suspected’ to be called, but not yet tested.

All new patients are ill by contacts with people who are already known and followed. In addition, expect the WHO that there are even more cases will be popping up. So the organization is not sure that all of the chains for the spread of the virus, although they were identified.

Worst case scenario

‘We still have no complete picture of the epidemic’, said a spokesman for the WHO in Geneva. ‘Worst-case scenario is that we are by the insecurity of blind spots where the epidemic foot on the ground could get.’

The majority of the 44 eboladoden fell in the eastern province of North Kivu. In Ituri, the province north of North-Kivu, were all three dead.

The epidemic, on August 1, declared, barely a week after the end of another epidemic elsewhere in the Congo was proclaimed. Between the two epidemics, there would be no connection.

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