Alarm: poo-bacteria in the North sea

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Hook of Holland – Update 17.29 hours – Bad news for Locals: by an infection with the E. coli bacterium is until Monday against the sea in diving between ’s Gravenzande and Hoek van Holland. Also in Leeuwarden is the ’poepbacterie’ found in the water.

Overlooking the beach of Hoek van Holland! There is for the first time a negative zwemadvies issued because of the.Coli bacterium.

The temperature runs on Sunday to 24 degrees. There is a negative zwemadvies, reported RTV Rijnmond. That has everything to do with the E. coli bacterium, better known under the name ’poepbacterie’.

Swimming in the water may cause gastro – intestinal discomfort cause. The first aid has, however, still no complaints are received.

The advice applies in any case to Monday. Then, new samples are taken. It is the first time that a negative opinion for this piece of North sea coast is given.


Also in waters in the province of Friesland is the E. coli bactierie found. Sponsors should therefore not meezwemmen with Maarten van der Weijden during his Elfstedenzwemtocht. The Cityswims is cancelled. Van der Weijden swims.

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Drinking water

Last year was the poepbacterie found in the drinking water of Vlaardingen. Residents were allowed when not from the faucet to drink, and bottles of drinking water were not dragging. At this time of drinkwaterbesmetting no question.

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