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Yung Nnelg: Moschen with the smile

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“I have one new number, so that we are going to rehearse’, teased Yung Nnelg Pukkelpop, just before he ja ja ja ja began. If the bar is so high, we will continue to cheer.

The Amsterdam hiphopper Yung Nnelg has the most beautiful videos – check the anime with his track ‘Tetsuo’ if you don’t believe us. And a fine flow, sometimes laidback, today more exciting: he wants to about three jaartreden in the Ziggo Dome. That Lift had to get the axe: for the junge Glenn Ascension no excuses about the thankless hours or the sweltering, half-full tent.

“I have one new number, so that we are going to rehearse,” he says teasing – the number that follows is the famous ” yes Yes yes yes’. The audience begins fiercely to moschen, and remains, that the whole performance. But a moment later he gives the audience a 7.5 on ten, and he wants a ten.

He also gives back: dance back and forth like a stuiterballetje, raps about sugar-free lemonade and Serena Williams, mixes Dutch, English, Spanish (’chamos’ his ‘sizes’ in Venezuela) and hose (’atti’ means ‘heart’) in a way that sometimes The Youth think. And for the live feel he has a good keyboardist, while his dj are sometimes quite unpredictable beats from the decks up.

There are moves in the Bijlmer: Nnelg comes from the hiphopcollectief Smib, the rock band Mozes and the Firstborn gives him a distorted (and surprising) guitar solo, and the designer Bonne Reijn makes sure that all of the men well dressed. If the bar is so high, we will cheer all the way to the Ziggo Dome.

Yung Nnelg ****seen on Pukkelpop on August 16, 2018.

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