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Yonaka: polished with a dry cloth

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Always brave: the bands that the handful of audience that the show is in the tent, already in the third song, a chorus wish to sing along.

The seven welwillenden that at the request of Yonaka actually did, were of course not audible. Oh well, it is the gesture that counts. It also helped that the band itself is enough noise made.

Yonaka’s gitaargeweld in combination with the golden throat of singer Theresa Jarvis did the Clubtent shake – and it was only half an afternoon. That voice of Jarvis holds the middle between an unpolished Siouxsie Sioux and a less girlish-sounding Gwen Stefani. With her blonde tresses and dressed in her body with the leopard print seemed to Jarvis by the way at all on that last ninetiesqueen.


You noticed that this band from Brighton, quite a number of live-experience in your pocket. In their own country, they are in the music press for a while tipped as the rockbelofte that you need to watch. Theresa Jarvis showed himself to be a confident frontwoman and the guys in the band played fast. Loud also. But that is their sound now once: a third rehearsal, a third ninetiesrock à la No Doubt and a third with a dry cloth polished punk.

Best song in the set: ‘Bubblegum’, with that irresistible oo-ee-aai-aai-refreintje. (That sounds better than it reads, as promised.)

Best color: the black of Jarvis’ outgrowth (same hair as Alison Mosshart, Theresa?).

Best news of the day: Yonaka will tomorrow bring a new ep.

Yonaka *** , seen at Pukkelpop on August 16, 2018.

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