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Unknown Mortal Orchestra: Feedback under the fully

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What turns Ruban Nielson yet heart-rending songs of his back his baseball cap. Oblique pop songs that make your brain cringe, where you in jagged spider webs and scrawny worries gets involved. Dark, but fascinating. Only he dares his bloedjes of children live with the hair and skin to devour. Kronos, there is nothing against it.

The”Isolation can put a gun in your hand’, omrandde he the darkness, immediately with a thick highlighter in ‘From the sun’. A beatlesiaanse pop song full of psychedelic Magical Mystery colors is that, by Nielson sung with a fragile soulstem. Touching and beautiful. The song openscheurde with a shrieking guitar solo that immediately the wooden floor of the Marquee did look up. Grotesque antics of a timid singer that does a lot more than some nasty feedback added.

Short and crisp

That the to Portland is a great Kiwi are veelkantige songs like morsig garnish, is not a problem. As long as he is the essence limited. As in ‘Swim like a shark, for example, short and crisp, with a bass line where McCartney a finger veil for would have. Ministry of alienation’, a wistful, jazzy ballad with Jimmy Hendrix’ ‘Castles made of sand’ in the strings. Or the sublime ‘So good at being in trouble’, Otis Redding disguised as psychrocker.

But also that last he let slip in a storm of noise and strobo’s just the fragility passed away. The guitars were then re stable in ‘Major league ‘ chemicals’ and Black Sabbath-riffs would sprinkle ‘American guilt’, one of those sparks on Sex and food, the what on-the-spot trappelende last album, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, which Nielson look at the verhakkelde world.

Ecstatic slot

The public looked at it like cows at a passing train. To Nielson found that we are 41 years after the death of Elvis our pelvis but had to shake. ‘Multi-love’, a funkfeest that his failed love triangle from the cloth did, it was by the public embraced as a worldwide hit.

Then came the fully down for ‘Hunnybee’, an ode to Nielsons daughter, and ‘Can’t keep checking my phone’, that by the tent shakete Donna Summer on acid. We were immediately high. And so came to the volatility of the trip is still a ecstatic slot.

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