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Tin Fingers: The hit single is coming

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As a white knight on summer vacation, so trotted frontman Felix Machtelinckx of Tin Fingers the stage of his to conquer Castello: white onderlijfje and ditto pants, perfect and vogue with the ice cubes disguised pop songs with which they have the sweet tropenlucht in the tent verkoelden.

As the enticingly titled ‘Tropical’, a sunny, groovin ‘ bass, of which you, under the surface, felt that he you, the I took. A song they took from the ep No hero, with which the Antwerp five last year, his nose for lazy eightiessynths and dreamy falsetten with much panache, etaleerde.

During their Coming-the declining birth rate, had the numbers of their studiohuid still not quite afgestroopt. The beginning was shy and Machtelinckx swung so cautious with his microstatief that it seemed like there definitely is not a scratch on wanted to make. But Tin Fingers still has time for his true pit.

First LP

There is hard in the meantime built their first full length album, and we got a sneak preview called ‘Wild’. A sip of eightiespopgalm with a vale shoegazeblik in the finals to the bone talking to a wall of sound that is mainly proved that the choice between pop and are garageverleden not yet completely made.

This Tin Fingers however no doubt: the band has with ‘Boy Boy’, ‘Finally feeling alone’ and ‘Young mother’ not lead, but gold in the fingers. Between carefree daydreams and wistful worries meandering pop songs with catchy hooks and an intriguing je ne sais quoi in the lyrics. A contemporary dose of cheesy kitsch, as in the Fleetwood Mac borrowed ‘Everywhere’, that they a handful of freshly picked shrooms had stopped.

I prefer to stay dry’, sang Machtelinckx in ‘Swim’, after his marcelleke uitspeelde and then for his not so toned torso, the water is too dark, who knows what lives in there.’ We also know it is not, but what we do know is that this hit single is due to come.

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