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The Youth of Today: still the OG’s of the Hiphop

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‘Are those vocals yet, or must I start?” The Youth of Today opened in the jam-packed run Dance Hall with ‘Watskeburt’, and convert immediately comfortable in the paint that they in spite of all the Lil Kleines and Sevn Aliases still the OG’s of the Hiphop.

The closer Willie Gibberish, Faberyayo and Dirty Fur the forty approaching, the more they will find themselves in articulating nonchalance watering. ‘Sau o me sjeu, bié o me hocutu, ” she said – is that the tent is the lyrics of ‘Hollereer’ knew, or you would think that Dirty Fur Portuguese spoke.

Not that that would be a problem. ‘Sexy beasts’ jump the audience so hard that it’s all hands on deck was in the PA – by the vibrating floor were threatened with the consoles over the thunder. Thanks to a fat remix by the according to Willie Gibberish ‘most sexy boy on the stage”, DJ Bass Source. The Youth is now more than ever, children’s playground become: while Dirty Fur to the public in popped and a bottle of champagne open, drew, sewed, he the sublime beat of ‘Crazy boys’ to a remix of ‘Get Spanish’.

The largest work was The Youth already in the studio. When Faberyayo in ‘Buma in my pocket’ about ‘donkey milk on my diamonds muesli, shows The Youth a taalrijkheid with the new generation of Dutch rappers sometimes hard to find. All applicable holidays for poets – not much later started ‘Yayo a singalong song about women from the North with a very old profession.

With a wonderful ‘Stardust’ and ‘The Formula’ shook The Youth with the pocket full of hits gul is empty. The sharpness seem to be the tracks from the new album ‘Luek’ to lack, except for the ‘Missed’: that summed things just come together nicely. “A little bit of crazy that does not exist/ it’s all or nothing/ a little bit crazy, that doesn’t exist/ insert the whole city in flames’. They all start fighting in Kiewit.

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