The famous ‘Twilight’-the house of Bella Swan for sale

7d67b5c6eb17bf62616e9ed0bb783319 - The famous 'Twilight'-the house of Bella Swan for sale

In the city of St. Helens in the American state of Oregon is currently a very special home offered at the immomarkt. Fans of the ‘Twilight’movies may take a look at the home of the character Bella Swan. For a relatively modest 349.900 dollar or so 309.000 euro may become the owner call.

In the house were mainly from the first movie scenes shot with actress Kristen Stewart and Billy Burke, who was the father of Charlie played. For the next four movies, the house was reconstructed in a studio. In an interview with USA Today let the current owner know that the production team in 2008, his house is completely taken care of and everything recovered. “It is really special to all those people in your house to see them and to see them cooking.”

Since the images have the owners nothing has changed in the house. They call it abode in the ad is also literally “Bella’s house”. The ‘Twilight’-home may be in Oregon, in the movie lived Bella in the town of Forks, in neighboring Washington. That village saw the number of tourists by the media attention greatly increased.

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