Swedish muslim woman who refused a man’s hand, get

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A Swedish woman got the employment tribunal compensation assigned of 3.800 euro, after the interview was cut off because they are a man not a hand for her to give.

Farah Alhajeh (24) applied to work as a translator in the Swedish Uppsala when she refused the hand shake of the man with whom she was. Instead, she explained, as a greeting, her hand on the heart. The company broke the application process down.

For the court, defended the company, arguing that his staff was required to do so men and women equal treatment. The Swedish ombudsman against discrimination, which Alhajeh represented for the court, stated that the young woman that just did it by both women and men salute with the hand on the heart.

The Swedish labour court ruled that the company had the right to an equal greeting for men and women to requirements, but not to require that sort of greeting with a handshake could be done.

Alhajehs refusal to shake hands for religious reasons, according to the court, protected by the European human rights convention, while the policy of the company to a certain type of greeting to the requirements of muslims, and disadvantage. Therefore, the wife compensation assigned of 3.800 euro.

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