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Superorganism: Very meta all

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Honestly? We found this concert at times is so strange that our attention of the music was derived.

There was the glittermake-up. There were the raincoats in bright colors. And there was the quasi-bored attitude of a singer – or should we say narrator – Orono Noguchi. Mainly they made the rather fur today. They wanted the names to know a number of people on the first row, which they then told to ” dance like you’re under water moves’ and more of that kind of trouble. Nice for those fans in the first row, but we merely stood and watched (figuratively, because we saw not what there is on that first row it happened).

Internetcultuur central

That laconic sound of Noguchi worked well in the songs, that the ennui of the internetverslaafde millennial – to a huge cliché at you to drag you down – excellent capture. The members of the Superorganism playing fact, even with that cliché. The story that they are the world instuurden about their history is by now well-known: they met each other online to know the and lofts today together in a house in London, where she songs together bricoleren of samples, blieps and texts in which the internetcultuur is often central.

Then you get songs like ‘Everybody wants to be famous’, that the Instagramcultuur on the grain. And then a song by a band who, himself very Instagramwaardig look and very well of himself. Very meta, all of you.

Nothing new

The gebricoleer with samples is not new and was reminiscent of the work of The Avalanches and Fatboy Slim. Noguchi took its seemingly unsupportive style of singing to the shoegaze – also there is nothing new under the sun. Nevertheless, it was the combination of those two elements very, very 2018. Or we are just very hard in that nice, mediawaardige digital-natives-story stepped, that can also.

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