Sufficient evidence against suspects murder half-brother Kim Jong-un

fb3a6c6bfab88abfa68ee250e9dd489b - Sufficient evidence against suspects murder half-brother Kim Jong-un

The process of the two women who are accused of the murder of the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is continuing. That has a Malaysian court decides.

The court in the city of Shah Alam took the decision after the hearing of the arguments of the public prosecutor. Rechtbankvoorzitter Azmi Ariffin said that the evidence against the Indonesian, Siti Aisyah and the Vietnamese Thi Huong adequate to the accusation of murder, with premeditated to keep.

The judge said that it is possible to go to a political murder, not a joke. The duo pleaded innocent, and has always claimed that the thought to do a tv program with hidden camera.

The two women are accused Kim Jong-nam on February 13, to have been poisoned with the nerve agent VX at the airport of Kuala Lumpur. Kim’s half-brother died shortly after the attack.

‘Well-planned conspiracy’

The court also said that the four North Korean suspects that on the day of the murder Malaysia to ee, not just by-standers were. Although they Kim could not touch, there are plenty of indications that they were part of a “well planned conspiracy” with the women.

During the session were also video images are shown that show how two men the two a liquid is presented shortly before the murder. From the beginning, South Korea, North Korea, accused of being behind the murder, but the country itself denies that. Kim Jong-nam was known as a fierce critic of his half-brother.

There was still no date set for the continuation of the process. If they are found guilty, risking the women and the death penalty.

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