Successor ’brightest criminal in the world, designated

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Amsterdam – Jeremy Meeks owes his career as a model at the gevangenisfoto that the police of him spread after a complaint for possession of weapons and going to struggle at the time of his arrest. He quickly got the nickname of ” brightest criminal in the world’, but now have users set their sights on someone else, a woman this time.

The gevangenisfoto of Jeremy Meeks went so fast around the world that when he had served his sentence, there is already a modellencontract klaarlag. He left his wife for the rich Topshop-heiress Chloe Greene, with whom he recently had a child. The rijkeluisleventje that he now leads, his previous life is completely blurred.

Followers of the Twitter account Mugshot Baes, numerous photos of female detainees share, along with foreign news media now has a new ’most handsome criminal’ on the eye, though her name is still unknown.

They would easily pass for a sister or niece of Meeks. The same color of eyes, similar lips and pronounced cheekbones were also a number of twitter users are not aware of that. Someone shows the similarities, another writes, ” That’s what I thought too soon.


Incidentally, the photos of the female detainees massively shared and geliked by frantic fans. The account of Mugshot Baes has 83.000 followers. Other people are even more eager with friends and followers shared the ’sister’ of Meeks.

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