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Queen of Soul blows the last breath

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Her best albums layers are long behind her. But they were so good that Aretha Franklin still at the top of lists of the best singers of all time. The Queen of Soul, died Thursday of cancer.

Aretha Franklin, who Thursday died in a hospital in Detroit, had always sky about. They could technically perfect singing, but let the emotion always go first on the virtuosity. With seemingly …

Aretha Franklin, who Thursday died in a hospital in Detroit, had always sky about. They could technically perfect singing, but let the emotion always go first on the virtuosity. With apparent ease she put unexpected stress by a fraction of a beat ahead or behind the beat to sing. The expression that they are in a wordless cry could lay, was kippenvelverwekkend.

Aretha’s father, Clarence “C. L.” Franklin was a traveling preacher. She was born in 1942 in Memphis, but grew up in Detroit. She sang with her sisters Carolyn and Erma in the gospel choir, but Aretha sang her twelfth all the solos. Pop music was not of the devil at the Franklin. As C. L.’s donderpreken him more famous, made, came gospelsterren as Clara Ward on the floor and Mahalia Jackson, Aretha helped raise after the death of her mother; civil rights activists like Martin Luther King, but also the rock stars Jackie Wilson and Sam Cooke.

Also knew the Franklin’s that the flesh is weak. Aretha’s mother, the pianist Barbara Siggers, left the notorious imposter C. L. after he child was with a twelve-year-old girl from the church community. Aretha got himself a son when she was twelve, a second on her fourteenth. “She struggled all her life with complexes about her appearance,” said sister Carolyn ever, and compensated for that with sex.’ The fathers were boys of her school. The babies were raised by Aretha, grandmother Rachel and sister Erma. But if the church community was much sin, there was also fervently fined, in miss as exorcisms.

At Columbia, where she is on her eighteenth drew, they did not know what they are but I wanted to sing she could of everything. Ahmet Ertegün, the president of Atlantic Records, knew it. He connected her to the producer Jerry Wexler. Her first single for Atlantic in 1967, yielded but two hits, ‘I never loved a man (The way I loved you)’ and ‘Do right woman, do right man’. Wexler gave the session musicians from Muscle Shoals Studios, to the command Aretha’s overwhelming gospelgevoel in pop songs to pour. In ” You make me feel (like a natural woman’ by Carole King and Gerry Goffin sings Franklin’s first rules as a confession and climbs to an ecstatic climax. It doesn’t matter whether they have salvation or the love: Franklin hot sigh of a voice was the missing link between spirituality and earthly pleasures/problems in classics such as ‘Chain of fools’ or ‘Ain’t no way’. It gave her the title ‘Queen of soul’, that no singer since has claim. In real life she was not equal to her men, but in her songs. That made her an example for women, what Annie Lennox well knew when she Aretha proposed together ‘Sisters are doing it for themselves’, to sing in 1985.

Aretha could pick out the best songs. Just look at Young gifted and black 1973: the title song is by Nina Simone, ‘Rock steady’ wrote Franklin herself (she’s just like her mother, a good pianist and composer), there is a song by The Beatles (‘The long and winding road’), by Elton John and Bernie Taupin (“the Border song”) and Burt Bacharach (‘April fools’). Aretha took final versions of the songs that are already hits had been in versions of others, such as Dionne Warwicks ” I say a little prayer’. With Warwick and Cissy Houston, who, like Aretha in the backinggroep Sweet Inspirations had sung, she was all her life friends. She was an honorary aunt and mentor for Cissy’s daughter Whitney Houston.

In 1980 played Franklin a prominent role in the film The Blues Brothers, for which she is a new, faster and sharper version of Otis Rescue ‘Think’ was recorded. But in the eighties she took especially slick discoplaten as Jump to it and Who’s zoomin’ who, which, although were good for gold and platinum. Since the late eighties, she brought but occasionally something new. Fear of flying had already arranged for them between 1971 and 2002, not in Europe, has occurred – when she came in London to act for that other Queen. The following year she sang in Oslo at the award ceremony of the Nobel prizes. In our country, Franklin never occurred; they gave two concerts in the Netherlands in 1968.

Aretha’s fragile health was partly genetic. Her mother was only 34, her sister, Carolyn 43. Her lifestyle also wore not to its health. In the sixties she was married to Ted White, a violent pimp who unfortunately is also her manager; they were both on the drink. She smoked for many years and got her weight problems never more under control after they stopped. In 2010 after a tumor was removed, said to the doctor that they now ” fifteen to twenty years’ had won.

That is not true. But it was still an unforgettable moment when Franklin, a life-long Democrate, in 2015 ” You make me feel like a (natural woman)’ came to sing at a celebration of Carole King. In the room: King, excited as a puppy, and Barack Obama, which is a little tear wegpinkte.

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