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Polish crypto exchange Coinroom hacked – security measures introduced

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The Polish crypto exchange Coinroom seems to have been hacked. Fortunately, his parents was, however, no financial damage. Due to the fast reaction of the stock market, you could take safety measures to avoid catastrophes.

As the news portal Cryptovest on Tuesday, the 14th. August, reported that it is hackers managed to apparently, in the System of the crypto-exchange Coinroom penetrate. The danger is that you abphishen the Coins to the user during the Login process. It had come, however.

Safer than others?

The Polish crypto-exchange has a daily volume of 2.4 million dollars. It also applies in Eastern Europe as one of the most important Fiat-crypto-portals. To support this good reputation, advertises Coinroom on your Website in order to be “cheaper, safer and faster than any other”. Since the crypto-stock exchange offers the possibility of a Bank transfer, you can save here, in fact, those fees, the cards often go hand in hand with the payment via credit. Certainly, there are also competitors on the market, their Service takes more time – it is always a question with whom to compare. Cheaper and faster than some of the competitor on the crypto market, the stock exchange may be so. The recently discovered Hack, however, doubt that Coinroom really is safer than other.

According to the Cryptovest the crypto exchange makes the domain administrator responsible for the incident:

“Due to the violation of security procedures by the company that manages the Domain we would like to inform you that all user passwords for security reasons. When trying to register on the site, you will be asked each user to set a new password.“

In addition, Coinroom emphasized that only the domain was adversely affected access. The Server, on which transactions and customer data are stored, remained, therefore, intact. The System was able to detect the security gap very quickly, so that we may immediately deactivate all of the servers and the Wallets of the users could secure them accordingly.

The Coinroom users are in this case once again with the horror of it. Unfortunately, it always comes back to Hacking attacks on crypto exchanges. The most recent example of this is Bancor. We have already noted several times that you should not leave for security reasons, his Coins on a crypto exchange, if you are in use to Action. How to store your crypto-money instead, sure, reveals the latest issue of crypto-compass.

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