Parquet on collapsed bridge: “Fear that there are still ten to twenty missing persons are’

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The death toll after the disaster in Genoa, still threatens to walk away. The public prosecutor’s office reports that there are probably still people under the rubble and unaccounted for.

The fire department tweeted Thursday that through the night snuffelhonden to work. It appears that the rescue operations still underway.

According to the leading prosecutor Francesco Cozzi, quoted by the news agency Ansa, ‘there may still be ten to twenty of them.”

Wednesday, said the prosecutor of 42 fatalities, the local authorities were in 39 confirmed deaths.

State of emergency

In Genoa collapsed Tuesday, the Morandi bridge, a viaduct with four lanes over the river Polcevera. At the time of the collapse reason according to Angelo Borrelli, head of the Civil Protection, 30 to 35 cars and three heavy vehicles on the bridge. There were more than forty deaths, a dozen people was alive from under the rubble removed.

The Italian government has the ‘state of emergency’ for twelve months, proclaimed in Genoa. This allows for a five million euro from the national emergency fund to be mobilised for rapid relief.



As a result of the accident, the Bulgarian prime minister Boïko Borissov a simultaneous renovation of all the bridges in his country asked. No less than 21 bridges, most of which are 35 to 40 years ago, built, according to the government, in a bad state. The financing of the renovation will need to either with future tolls either with budgetary means.

In Flanders, there are since February thirty bridges on the ‘probleemlijst’ of the Roads and Traffic Agency (AWV) and the Flemish Waterway. These are bridges that are under increased vigilance, and that the state closely followed.

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