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One looks this fall-forward to the past

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The autumn One has few major surprises, except, perhaps, the return of Martin Heylen (and his buddies from long ago).

Twenty years ago, though, that Martin Heylen for Man bites dog in a weekly section of Flanders crossed and chosen at random doorbells, crowds, in the hope behind those doors are people with a story to find. The section was then so popular that there is a parody of came, called Hello tv, with Tom Van Dijck in the role of the intrusive humanintrestreporter. The original and the parody of the gloria came from the same house, called Woestijnvis, that was so easy.

Heylen is now, twenty years later, so, again ringing the bell with (a selection of) the houses which he visited. Same door, twenty years later, is called the program for that reason. In each episode of 45 minutes, visit Heylen, five old friends, which means that now, completely against the spirit of the age in, more air time than when.

Heylen chose the ‘characters’ that his most memorable, and applied the same tactics as were: unannounced ring the bell, we’ll see what it is. In some cases, the former residents moved or died, and cast Heylen his attention on neighbors, or relatives. Remarkably, a lot of people have been found, however, present to give, and left Heylen again without any distrust within. The delivers often funny, sometimes moving and at times wry television.

Who is under the age of 30 will be the heading of Man bites dog certainly is not know. That does not preclude, the new reports are punctuated with (thankfully short) flashbacks to the pictures of when. But the emphasis is on the here and now: what does life with a man, and what does a man with his life, that is the approach. From 6 september.

A time-tested concept

Woestijnvis should this fall by the way two times in the bill to One: there is also a new season of The class, this time under more Dina Tersago, Wim Lybaert and Adil el Arbi as a teacher.

Proven concepts extend seems to be the main strategy at One, this autumn. There will be a new season of kijkcijferkanon Travel Waes (this time in Europe), of Neighbor, what do you do now (this time about music from the low countries), of That House (this time under more Zuhal Demir the huilebalk with service). There will be new seasons of Professor T., of See me happy and of Stray animals. Newer children’s Hospital 24/7, but that’s also a variation on a tried and tested concept (Emergency 24/7).

There are at One even with some pride, reps announced: of The Knight and, strangely enough, of Radio Gaga: eight episodes from the three seasons of that Canvasprogramma be resumed at One.

Really new, is actually only About water, the fiction series by Tom Lenaerts and Paul Baeten Gronda: a crime story that is located in the port of Antwerp is playing. To see them, you may need to wait until mid-december.

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