Museum and Archive of the Flemish Film opens on 24/8 doors in Geraardsbergen

The Museum and Archive of the Flemish Film opens on Friday, August 24, again the doors in Geraardsbergen. It goes to the museum in 1988, under the impulse of Jos Hoeyberghs by the city of Leuven was founded in 2003, has been liquidated. After a passage in Kortrijk is on the long search for a final location came to an end.

The filmmuseum shelter in the former priory Hunnegem. In this site, which was in may of this year, a museum about the history of Geraardsbergen open with greater attention to the origin and the Mariadevotie. On August 24, opens the Museum and Archive of the Flemish Film, a first wing, in which the genesis of the film to the beginning of the years ’60 are discussed with attention to the Flemish volksfilm. In 2019 there will be a second, and in 2020 a third wing opened in which subsequent periods are discussed.

In the period 1988-2003 was the museum first in the Leuven Flemish College, and then in a building on the Vanderkelenstraat housed. Leuven, funded in the years 2001-2002 also a labour. Because the demand for a substantial Flemish funding did not come and the building in the Vanderkelenstraat was housed in the new museum M, decided to Leuven the collaboration to stop. The city offered a solution for the preservation of old films in a climatically suitable depot. A part of the collection moved this to the House of Image and Sound in Kortrijk.

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