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“Move Michael Schumacher to Majorca is a big misunderstanding”

c7592a5e540d2b82a1249610970cebbc - "Move Michael Schumacher to Majorca is a big misunderstanding"

Sabine Kehm, the spokesperson and manager of Michael Schumacher, has officially denied that the seven times F1 champion from Switzerland to Mallorca will move.

Kehm speaks as coverage in the Swiss ‘L’lllustré” against it. That reported that Michael Schumacher and wife Corinna, a villa worth 30 million euros had bought. The family Schumacher would in the course of the next few days then from Switzerland to Mallorca move.

“The family of Schumacher has no plans to move to Mallorca,” denied Sabine Kehm opposite the news agency ‘AFP’.

The Swiss ‘L’lllustré’ reported, however, that the mayor of Andratx, the news of the relocation had been confirmed. The Spanish authorities in Andratx now, however, know that the reports about a move to Mallorca is based on a big misunderstanding, mainly inspired by a language issue.

“We want to emphasize that the words attributed to mayor Katia Rouarc is not correct,” says the in a statement.

“They are most likely to be caused by a misconception or wrong understanding of what was said, possibly due to a language problem.”

“In a recent interview with the Swiss magazine “L’lllustré’ was the already known information confirmed that the family Schumacher has a house bought in ‘Port d’Andratx’.”

“She has not, however, said that there is a possible relocation of Michael Schumacher or his family to Andratx was bound to come. Actually there are no instructions or info about it. She has not told us that we were preparing to Schumacher to welcome and that the local authorities of his arrival were warned.”

“The only thing that Rouarch against the journalists has declared that ‘if his family decide to move to here to move, that we prepared against their arrival. They would, however, like every other inhabitant of Andratx to be treated.”

“These words mean, however, that Michael Schumacher and his family here to move, and even less that our mayor or the town hall about something would know.”

It therefore appears that Michael Schumacher just in Switzerland will remain where he allegedly by a vijftienkoppig medical team cared for. The cost thereof is estimated at approximately 130 000 euros per week.

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