More than 300 newspapers join forces against Trump: “We are not the enemy’

dd744d20bea7e435bbd20f2eb6e70e2c - More than 300 newspapers join forces against Trump: "We are not the enemy’

More than 300 newspapers and magazines in the United States today have a hoofdcommentaar published that they respond to statements by Donald Trump. The American president called journalists ” enemies of the people’.

Hundreds of newspapers have a unified and clear message for president Trump spread: ‘Journalists are not the enemy’. Newspapers, from The New York Times to smaller dailies, expressing their discontent over the almost daily attacks by the American president against journalists.

‘A central part of the message of Trump are the constant attacks on the press’, according to the newspaper The Boston Globe, who took the initiative. ‘The journalists are, according to him, not fellow citizens, but “enemies of the people”. These incessant attacks on the free press have dangerous consequences (…) The greatness of the United States depends on how the free press the truth to speak against the powerful.’

‘Two centuries that principle, journalists are protected and it served as an example for other free nations. Now it is being threatened, ” says the newspaper. “It sends an alarming signal to the despots of Ankara to Moscow, from Beijing to Baghdad: that journalists can be treated as a domestic enemy.’

Last week there was in the White House, a discussion took place between Trumps spokesperson Sarah Sanders and a CNN journalist on Trumps statements


The Boston Globe called on other sheets previous week to a national indictment. Especially medium-sized and small media went on the question. Prominent news sources such as Politico and The Wall Street Journal chose consciously to not hoofdcommentaar to write, out of fear for an adverse effect.

One of the tweets in which Trump journalists attacks:

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