More than 2 million Flemings watched the European Championships

Between 3 August and 12 August, looked at a total of 2.377.500 Flemish or 39,2 per cent of the Flemish population to the European Championships Eén and Canvas. Average per day 673.483 reach people who are at least 10 minutes looked, reports the VRT.

The best-viewed show was that of the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in athletics on Friday 10 August, when Nafi Thiam, the son won and the brothers Borlée, silver, and bronze got on the 400 metres. Looked 470.414 of the Flemish people, a market share of 24.3 percent.

Then follow the european championships on Sunday 12 August with 379.796 viewers, or a share of 54.6 percent, and the last night of the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in athletics on Sunday 12 August with 378.986 viewers or 20.4 percent.

The VRT sent more than 67 hours out of the European Championships. During that multisportkampioenschappen were European titles were awarded in athletics, cycling, rowing, gymnastics, swimming, triathlon and golf teams. They took place in Glasgow and Berlin.

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