Milo Ventimiglia opponent of Jennifer Lopez in romantic comedy

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Milo says impressed by Jennifer

Jennifer Lopez plays the lead role in the romantic comedy Second Act of Peter Segal. She plays Maya, a woman who before as an experienced consultant and knows how to bluff at a finance company. Milo Ventimiglia plays her boyfriend Trey and says now that, Jennifer Lopez, himself, has designated as its opponent.

In The Tonight Show this week told Ventimigilia during an interview that he was called by his agent with the news that Lopez only wanted to work with him. I feel very much flattered, said Milo Ventimiglia against Tonight Show host Jimmy Falcon. It is a beautiful story and really sun-Lopez-movie that you go to the movies.

Milo is a big Lopez fan and put that in the tv-broadcast is not under the chairs or benches. He told me that he recently during an NBC show to promote the series This Is Us dressing room was next to that of Jennifer Lopez which was also in the show was. They came along and said to me that they This Is Us a good show, according to Ventimiglia. She is so cool, she is a pro. An artist with a big heart.

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