Martin Heylen is Man Bites Dog chase

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Exactly 20 years ago, ran Martin Heylen for the first time by chance of the most diverse homes in Flanders within, and he brought to Man bites dog weekly the story of the people behind the facade. So he made a portrait, a cross-section of Flanders. In the new human interestreeks Same door, 20 years later, is Martin two decades after his succesrubriek back looking for the same doors, the same people, again, without them immediately and without having to know what him wait.
What does life with a man, and what does a man with life? Luck but also misfortunes hang over everyone’s head: how do they deal with it, how they get there (spring)force? Martin also 20 years, become wiser, and learned from his visit above all: don’t be afraid of your dreams, but dare to make choices. Because 20 years is so over.

Same door, 20 years later: from 6 september, every Thursday at 20.40 hours on One.

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