Martin Heylen brings section from ‘Man bites dog’ back at one

c6383ae86417fb1745d920053e7d6297 - Martin Heylen brings section from 'Man bites dog' back at one

One generates a section from ‘Man bites dog’ back to life. Martin Heylen is going to the people to look up who he was twenty years ago that successful Woestijnvis program met by on random doors to to call.

In ‘the Same door, 20 years later,” from september every Thursday on one, Heylen, in his well-known style again to step through Flanders in search of stories of ordinary people. The section of when is now a full-fledged program of 45 minutes.

“Martin is a long time ago with the idea to come. It is easy as pie: he’s going to the people again to look up, unannounced and on the basis of the line which he then followed,” explains one network manager Olivier Goris. “They left me 20 minutes and I was already blown away.”

According to Goris fits the program well at the line that he one wants to follow. The identity should be “Flemish, recognizable and binding”. “That works with big events like the world cup or the Eurovision song contest, but also with smaller things,” said the network manager.

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