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Lukaku surprised: ‘Think I’m after the next european CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2020. stop when Red Devil’

1139a4407b90f41b22aea1b9b8f26823 - Lukaku surprised: ‘Think I'm after the next european CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2020. stop when Red Devil’

The topspits of the Red Devils late in an interview with the American website Business Insider suggest that he is considering to as international to stop after the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2020.

The chance is, according to the interview with Business Insider real that Romelu Lukaku after the european CHAMPIONSHIPS 2020, which stops at the national team. “I think I’m after Euro 2020 with stop as the Red Devil,’ said Lukaku. That means that Lukaku, the world cup in Qatar in 2022 to let himself pass away, and the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Russia last.

Lukaku, who impressed during the world cup, says that the semi-final thanks to the performance of the Red Devils the new standard in future tournaments. “Every big tournament is going to be for us, as a country, to be in the semi-finals to get to. The goal is to make the whole tournament to win, you’re not going for less than half the final.’


The striker’s Manchester United future the Red Devils rosy. Belgium steams according to the rush of new talents ready. “They have better training facilities, the level of training is a lot higher.’

Lukaku looks or dangers: “The only thing I fear, is a lack of hunger. There’s a lot of money in the football, also for young players: a twelve-year-old can already earn good money. That increases their sharpness away, I fear.’

However it sounds strange: a 25-year-old who claims that he is two years later, at the age of 27, goodbye will take away from the national team. “I’m still not at my best”, he says. ‘I talk little with young people and do not give tips because they are my competitors. I want my place to give it to a younger. For two years, and then they can take my place.”

Lukaku collected up to now 75 caps for the Red Devils in which he forty times to score.

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