Lawsuit murder Kim Jong-nam is going through

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KUALA LUMPUR – Two women who are suspected of the murder of the half-brother of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, are not free. A Malaysian court ruled that there is sufficient land to continuing the case.

The Vietnamese Doan Thi Huong gets to the courthouse.

Kim Jong-nam was on 13 February killed at the airport of Kuala Lumpur. The women there were nerve gas in his face lubricated. They say they are innocent and set them in the assumption were that they took part in a prank for a reality tv show. They can face the death penalty if they be found guilty.

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Experts have declared that traces of the nerve agent VX were found on the clothing of the women from Indonesia and Vietnam. Prosecutors also have video footage shown which show how the women for the assault two other suspects to take to the airport. They are still on the run.

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The United States think that the North Korean regime responsible for the murder of Kim Jong-nam. The Malaysian judge said that did not is conclusively shown that there was a political liquidation, which, according to the magistrate also not be excluded.

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